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Extreme Rigging Environmental Policy 2023

We all need to do our bit for the environment of our planet. To that end, we keep environmental considerations central to the running of our business. We appreciate that this is very much an evolving journey and always appreciate support and suggestions from our clients as we aim to constantly fine tune and improve our environmental policies.
Humanity can no longer bury their heads in plastic!
It’s not rocket science to realise that this is actually of great importance to the world and yes, the are many different circumstances that we all are living under, so this is a request to do something no matter how small.
Extreme Rigging Ltd uses recycled packaging tape, cardboard, and compostable paper waste for all web shop orders and delivery. We have reduced plastic usage & waste and will not send any on; if we receive it we recycle it.
We have switched our power suppliers to the most eco and non-profit company we could find: https://www.ecotricity.co.uk/about-ecotricity.
We are working with a power company that provides industrial battery packs and biofuel generators.


We will take and recycle Tech 12 rope Technora Fiber from specialist ropes, to help avoid it ending up in landfill and the environment. This is a free service and the costs of returning the fibers to the source manufacturer are covered by the material to be recycled.


All you have to do is send your used/unwanted/waste specialist rope to us and we will issue you with a certificate. We will supply Certificates of Destruction and Duty of Care waste certificates stating that we will recycle the material in line with our own policies and that of the source manufacturing company. Please contact us for more information.


Extreme Rigging supports many environmental charities and organisations with training, equipment, donations and fundraising. If you can’t do anything directly yourself, please consider donating or getting involved with and supporting such organisations. We must all try to do our part. Thank you.

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